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How Essential Oils Can Change Your Life

15 Sep 2016, 9:45 AM

Essential oils have been a part of everyday life throughout history.

Cave paintings in France carbon-dated to 18,000 BC show plants being used for medicinal purposes, while the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all used aromatic oils for health, well-being and spiritual reasons. For more than 3,000 years, the ancient Indian practice of ayurveda has employed at least 700 different substances as part of its traditional healing techniques.

All these ancient cultures valued essential oils to treat a wide range of physical and emotional conditions.

They have no less important a role to play in our busy and stressful modern lives, too. Drawn from every part of a plant - from leaves and flowers to bark and roots - essential oils have applications ranging
from healing body and mind as part of a complementary therapy treatment, to aiding breathing and restful sleep when employed as a nasal decongestant.

Essential oils don't have to be applied to the skin - they can provide an equally powerful healing effect when used in the home. An artificial air freshener can smell sickly and overpowering; instead, a carefully chosen pure essential oil - perhaps one that's citrus-based such as lemon or grapefruit - placed in a diffuser can more subtly change the atmosphere in a room. The effect is to inspire positive emotions and a feeling of freshness and uplift.

We often go for long periods of time without physical contact.

Many people yearn to be touched or held in a compassionate and non-intimate way, which helps to explain why an aromatherapy massage using massage oils can be so transformative. Using a blend of essential oils blended into a carrier oil or cream, aromatherapy massage helps to bring our emotions back into balance and stimulate our body to heal itself. The aroma from the oils has a wonderfully relaxing effect, while focused and caring touch from an experienced and intuitive therapist can help to relieve the symptoms of conditions such as insomnia, headache, bloating and excessive urination.

While alternative medicine can never replace conventional treatment, the use of essential oils has long been recognised as having a significant complementary benefit. If you're struggling with an upper respiratory tract infection or bronchial problem, eucalyptus, menthol and camphor can help ease that blocked nose or head cold. Meanwhile, juniper berry oil is a natural remedy for a sore throat or respiratory infection - and it can also aid digestion. Like most essential oils, juniper has been shown to contain a vast array of active constituent compounds with antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.The impact of essential oils on our lives can be profound - but it's
important to make an informed choice when buying and then storing, handling and applying oils correctly.

Our aim at Natural by Nature is to supply only the highest quality oils so our customers receive maximum benefit, while our staff are always available to answer questions on all aspects of essential oils and their uses.

We can also blend specific oils for a particular condition.

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