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Our Animal Testing Policy

Our Animal Testing Policy

What We Believe

Natural by Nature Oils is against animal testing on all cosmetic products and their ingredients. We have never tested our products or any of our ingredients on animals and do not use any animal derivatives or by-products. We will not purchase products or raw materials from any company that does not comply with our standards and cut-off date. We believe such tests to be barbaric, unnecessary and totally unjustifiable.

Natural by Nature Oils Ltd has been approved under the Leaping Bunny programme.

 The Leaping Bunny is the globally recognised gold standard for cruelty free cosmetics and personal care/household and cleaning products.It is the only cruelty free licence that requires a supplier monitoring system to be implemented by the brand,supply chain checking for animal testing right down to the ingredient manufacturing level, adherence to a fixed cut off date policy and acceptance of ongoing independent audits to ensure compliance.



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