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Experts In True Aromatherapy

Experts In True Aromatherapy

Welcome to Natural by Nature Oils.
We are a family run business, specialising in all aspects of aromatherapy. Back in 1974 , we were one of the very first companies to introduce and pioneer aromatherapy in the UK. We have continued to passionately develop, manufacture and supply Pure & Organic essential oils for over 40 years.


Natural by Nature are now one of the largest suppliers of essential oils to the independent health food Industry. We also supply to a large number of therapists, practitioners, Spas, Salons, and hairdressers. We work closely with a number of NHS hospitals, and together we have developed specially blended oils that are used within their cancer care units.

We are recognised for the superior quality of our products and excellent customer service. We believe in transparency and integrity in all that we do, and are proud that our customers are given complete confidence in all our products.


The full range offers Pure & Organic essential oils,base oils, creams, facial and body oils and other aromatherapy products. By working in synergy with our suppliers and sourcing most of our oils directly from producers all around the world, we can guarantee the highest of quality. We manufacture our products in our own UK factory, allowing us to control the entire process, ensuring all goods leave us in perfect condition.

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