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Guide To Using Essential Oils For Weight Loss And Control

28 Feb 2017, 5:22 PM

Essential oils offer a wide range of health benefits, but did you know they can also work alongside exercise and a sensible diet to help you to lose or manage your weight?

Why Choose Essential Oils?

Essential oils can curb hunger and maintain your body’s essential functions to help you to shed the pounds. But it’s not all about the physical things you do either; choosing the right blends can boost your mental and emotional state, increasing the chances of a positive result.

Massaging certain essential oils into your skin is a great way to speed up your metabolism, break down cellulite and stimulate your muscles. Aromatherapy can help too, as inhaling certain blends affects the brain to control stress levels, improve heart rate and provide motivation.

This is not some dubious magic potion, but a natural remedy perfected over thousands of years since the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Indian cultures began experimenting with flowers and plants to improve their health and balance natural body functions.

Where To Start

So, where do you start in using your essential oils collection to help with sustainable weight loss?

One of the best starting points is our Detox Body Oil , which contains celery, fennel, rosemary and juniper needle. Celery oil helps promote the flow of urine, which clears the body of toxins and prevents water retention. Fennel is valuable for treating cellulite by helping to clear your system of unwanted deposits, but it can also help combat water retention and obesity. Rosemary is another oil which alleviates water retention, but it is also good for boosting the digestive system. Juniper needle is excellent for cleansing and toning the skin as part of the detox process.This powerful combination is not only a great way of kick-starting a healthier lifestyle and weight loss campaign. Used for regular massages, it will cleanse and tone, and if you incorporate a massage mitt you can concentrate on problem areas to break down fatty deposits.

Weight Loss Maintenance

Another vital element of your collection to lose or maintain your weight is peppermint oil. This aids the digestive system, reduces the appetite and at the same time increases energy levels. Try a few drops in your bathwater to improve your circulation and metabolism.

If you want a great way of recovering from exercise, our Peppermint Foot Cream is a refreshing blend of nourishing and moisturising oils, specifically created to cool and freshen your feet and energise your mood.

There’s a good reason why grapefruits appear in many diets, but eating them is not to everyone’s taste! Thankfully, grapefruit oil provides benefits in a much more palatable way.  It eliminates toxins that interfere with how you digest nutrients and helps burn up fat.

Cinnamon oil aids the regulation of blood sugar levels and lemon and ginger oils can also contribute to improved metabolism and appetite control.

Hands up if your eating habits are closely linked to your emotional state of mind?

Comfort eating is one of the most common problems with weight management. So, it stands to reason that massaging and inhaling essential oils such as lavender , rose and bergamot to soothe stress and lift your spirits may well keep your hands out of the biscuit tin!

When using essential oils, please always read the instructions on the labels.

And when embarking on weight loss programmes, a balanced diet and sensible exercise levels are essential.

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