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BENZOIN (Styrax benzoin)

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Benzoin (Styrax benzoin)


Location: Benzoin is found in Cambodia, Java, Laos, Sumatra, Thailand and Vietnam.


Extraction: Solvent extraction of the gum.


Colour and Odour: Benzoin resinoid is thick and dark golden-brown in colour, having a pleasant aroma resembling vanilla. It is one of the heavier oils and is an excellent fixative.


Description: The Benzoin tree grows in tropical Asia, where it is also cultivated. The natural gum is collected from deep incisions made in the tree trunk: it hardens on exposure to the air.


Background: Long used in antiquity as incense. Known in Europe in the Middle Ages, when it was used as a compound tincture for inhalation. It was called "Friar's Balsam" Benzoin is a resinoid and cannot be obtained as a pure essential oil. The resinoid is the natural extract from the tree, which is then diluted with a solvent. This makes it easier to pour and handle, as the natural product is very thick and difficult to use.


Properties: Warming, energizing, circulatory stimulant, sedative, decongesting, expectorant, carminative.



Urinary System-It's antiseptic property is good for cystitis.


Respiratory System-A tonic for the lungs . Effective for colds and flu, helping clear congested mucus. Also good for coughs, sore throat and loss of voice.


Muscular System-Good for rheumatism.


Skin-Soothing for conditions where there is redness, irritation and itching, such as cracked skin and chapped hands, chilblains and dermatitis. A good remedy for wounds and sores.


Emotion-Calming and comforting for states of sadness, anxiety and depression. Especially good for dispelling anger.

Product isn't rated yet.

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BENZOIN (Styrax benzoin)

BENZOIN (Styrax benzoin)
Product isn't rated yet.
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