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CHAMOMILE ROMAN (Anthemis nobilis)

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Chamomile Roman (Anthemis nobilis)

Location: Chamomile Roman is found in England, Belgium, France and Italy.

Extraction: It is steam distilled from the flowers.

Colour and Odour: Roman Chamomile is very pale blue in colour, with age the Roman chamomile turns from very pale blue to colourless. However, this change does not affect the therapeutic quality of the oil. The blue colour of the essential oils is due to their azulene content.(Azulene is responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile oils) Roman chamomile has a warm, rich, distinctive fruity smell with undertones of over-ripe apples.

Description: It is a strongly aromatic, herbaceous plant with daisy-like yellow flowers.

Background: Roman chamomile has a long tradition of herbal use in Europe, brewed as a tea for both internal and external use. Roman chamomile is a popular lawn plant as its scent becomes more noticeable when it is walked on.

Properties: Emollient, carminative, sedative, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.


Urinary System-Relieves renal inflammation and cystitis. Promotes the flow of urine and can also reduce fluid retention.

Nervous System-Can help diminish nervous excitability and can be used as a remedy for hysterical and nervous afflictions. Can help sooth neuralgic pain.

Skin-Excellent for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Emotion-Good for over-sensitivity, restlessness, depression and impatience. Chamomile helps dispel emotional distress, tension and fear. Chamomile is relaxing and can help with insomnia.

Product isn't rated yet.

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CHAMOMILE ROMAN (Anthemis nobilis)

CHAMOMILE ROMAN (Anthemis nobilis)
Product isn't rated yet.
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